Before calling for service on your furnace it is a good idea to follow this simple troubleshooting chart. It can save you the cost of a service call!

Problem Possible cause Solution
Furnace won't run

1. No power.

1. Check for blown fuses or tripped
circuit breakers at main entrance
panel, at separate entrance panel,
and on or in furnace; restore circuit.

2. Switch off.
2. Turn on separate power switch
on or near furnace.

3. Motor overload.
3. Wait 30 minutes; press reset
button. Repeat if necessary.
Not enough heat

1. Thermostat set
too low.
1. Raise thermostat setting 5°.

2. Filter dirty. 2. Clean or replace filter.

3. Blower clogged. 3. Clean blower assembly.

4. Registers closed
or blocked.
4. Make sure all registers are open;
make sure they are not blocked
by rugs, drapes, or furniture.

5. System out of
5. Balance system.

6. Blower belt loose
or broken.
6. Adjust or replace belt.

7. Element faulty. 7. Call 518-701-8896
Furnace turns
on and off
1. Filter dirty.
2. Motor and/or
blower needs
1. Clean or replace filter.
2. If motor and blower have oil
ports, lubricate.


3. Blower clogged. 3. Clean blower assembly.
Blower won't
stop running
1. Blower control
set wrong.
1. Reset thermostat from ON
to AUTO.

2. Relays faulty. 2. Call 518-701-8896
Furnace noisy
1. Access panels
1. Mount and fasten access
panels correctly.

2. Belts sticking, worn,
or damaged.
2. Spray squeaking belts with
fan belt dressing; replace worn
or damaged belts.

3. Blower belt too
loose or too tight.
3. Adjust belt.

4. Motor and/or blower
needs lubrication.
4. If motor and blower have oil
ports, lubricate.